International Movers and Packers in Dubai

We make your moving fun & hassle free

Al Salam Movers has a strong network of overseas affiliates to ensure smooth movement of your cargoes and business. Our guiding principle is safe, secure and trouble-free transition for all our clients.

We pride ourselves on being up-to-date on the relevant regulations and requirements of moving from one country to another to ensure the process of moving proceeds smoothly, with minimal disruptions. We will oversee the move while our local partners will handle the particulars on the ground, in coordination with us. This ensures that all of your possessions are safe and the move will be done as quickly as possible. And any delays will be minimized, if not eliminated altogether.

Our packing materials are custom-fit to match a wide variety of items from electronic gadgets to valuable pieces of art including extremely rare items of high value. Also, we use the right boxes and avoid mixing different items as much as possible. Heavier items are placed at the bottom while lighter ones are placed on top.

Doing honest business is the hallmark of our enterprise. If you have concerns about shipping costs, handling charges, terminal port charges, insurance, warehouse charges, and others we will be more than happy to disclose such information. Like you, we would like to proceed with the move and take it to its end without causing any hassles on your part.

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