Home Movers in Dubai

Tap new and nicer ways to move with us!

With over 2 decades worth of experience, Al Salam Cargo Packaging Services has revolutionized the way your home moves.

From across the town to across the country, from a residential complex to a commercial one, we treat your things like our own. We treat you as our family. When you are out and about engaged in your shifting business, we stand by you looking after all your moving needs!

At Al Salam Cargo Packaging Services, we help create a stress-free moving experience for you. We offer reputed graceful moving services for your residential and commercial property. We help you settle down, every day, in every corner of Abu Dhabi. No floor scares us!

Our expertise is going to take care of all your belongings, no matter how big or how small they are. Among our moving services, we offer you expert packing, unpacking, shipping (transportation logistics), loading and moving boxes and also other short-term and long term storage shipping needs. We are your planners for your relocation! We plan out each and every move meticulously. We have tailor-made solutions to suit your needs and techniques to curate moving strategies especially for you.

We know how difficult moving can be. It is one of the most stressful things in the world where you are constantly worried about every minor item in your home. But fret not, Alsalam Movers is always there for you, in all your needs. We will manage your relocation stress like no one else ever can!

As a full time licensed moving company, we allow our experience to speak for us. We allow you to speak for us, for all the valuable time you saved in your life, without having to worry, without being stressed out, without having a backache lifting off heavy boxes, and without having a drop of sweat on your forehead! You could move your entire home and we would stand by you, handling every item around your Abu Dhabi residence and beyond.

As our beloved client, you would never have to lift a finger! We will handle everything.

From clothing, to your porcelain, to your furnishings and all your expensive art collections, we will transport everything to your new home and unpack it beautifully to give you a turnkey experience! We are your one stop moving experience, probably a mall, where you can find everything for all your needs! Our best in class service and our efficiency explains that!

When you invest your time and patience with us for your house shifting services in Dubai, you get –

  • Efficient professionals for your home moving needs
  • Trustworthy and reliable people
  • Trouble-free relocation experience
  • Practical solutions to all major and minor needs
  • Professional expertise with you at all times.
  • Friendly yet professional home moving services
  • Timely relocation

It might sound impossible, but trust us, it is not!

Go over our reviews and you shall know about our efficiency and capabilities, all from the mouths of our trusted customers!

We believe in creating not just business relations with you, but in creating long lasting relationships.

Residents have rated us as the best home movers in Abu Dhabi! We are the movers you can trust!

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